Here you will find many opportunities to get involved in loving the community and the world around you with the love of Christ.

Outreach Ministries

Coordinating clothing and food drives at Grace to assist Christian Community Ministries (CCM) in their efforts to help the homeless in our community. We can help Christian Community Ministries (CCM) feed the hungry. The most needed food items are canned fruit and canned soup. Other food items needed are 2 lb. bags of flour, 2 lb. bags of cornmeal, canned goods (beans, peas, corn, greens, carrots, spaghetti sauce), easy open canned meats (Vienna sausages, sardines, etc.). Your generosity will provide much needed food.

Contact: Dale Dimos, 318-235-3275 or ddimos@bellsouth.net

An opportunity for volunteers from Grace Church to join with other churches in our area to deliver home-cooked meals to 100 elderly or ill persons in the community (a list provided by the Ouachita Council on Aging).

Contact: Julie Pruitt, 318-372-2459 or jnpruitt@comcast.net

An opportunity for volunteers from Grace Church to join with other churches in our area to serve meals to the homeless at the community homeless shelter.

Contact: Janis Barraza, 318-537-2950 or janis_barraza@hotmail.com
Julie Pruitt, 318-372-2459 or jnpruitt@comcast.net

1) What was the purpose of your trip to Cuba?

Grace Episcopal Church sent a mission team consisting of 15 parishioners to Cuba in June 2016. Their purpose was to establish a relationship with the Cuban Episcopal Church, work on a farm that supports the home church movement in Cuba, and work with physically and mentally disabled children while learning about the Cuban people and culture.

2) Who went with you?

Traveling to Cuba for the mission were Grace Episcopal Church members of all ages from rising 5th graders, high school, collegeaged youth up to one member in his 70’s. The team consisted of Richard Norman, his wife Adrienne McKee, their children Hudson and Olivia Norman, Clay and Amber Shemwell, their son Kolani Salas, Todd and Debora Colvin, their son Clay Colvin, Creighton and Kathy Chandler, Cotton Bradford, Doug and Regina Wood

3) What did your group accomplish while there?

We established connections with the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Cuba and attended services at the Evangelical Seminary in Matanzas at her request. The Seminary serves the Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal churches of Cuba and was founded in October 1, 1946. We also attended services at the San Juan (St. John) Episcopal Church in a small town and began developing a relationship with their priest, his wife and their congregation. Father Richard assisted the Cuban Priest during the service we attended and was asked to pray for parishioners celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. One of the most rewarding accomplishments for the group was developing games and a bible lesson that we delivered at a support center for families with physically and mentally handicap youth. In Cuba, it is the norm to send children with disabilities away and not keep them at home. Some women, many raising their children alone, have begun to choose to care for their children themselves and the center is one of their few support systems. They were an amazing group and very appreciative of the time we spent with their children. Our music ministry team, consisting of Clay Colvin on Ukulele and Kolani Salas on Guitar, was ere a big hit with the youth. Our congregation generously supplied money, vitamins, supplements and Tylenol that we gave to the Episcopal Church and Disability Center to distribute where it would be most useful. While we were in Cuba, we also had the opportunity to work on a farm that helps fund the home church movement. Several of the men moved supplies to the second floor of a building using buckets and ladders to assist a mason that was building dorms for missionaries. The remainder of the team harvested and peeled over 30 gallons of Mangoes to enable them to be preserved. putting the mission farm three weeks ahead of their schedule.

Each year, Grace Church provides Thanksgiving meals for families in need through The United Way 2-1-1 Service Center. We will provide “Ready to Cook” Thanksgiving meals to at least 50 families in the community! Each family will receive a bag filled with corn, green beans, dressing, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pie filling, pie crust, and a voucher to pick up their turkey at Brookshire’s. The cost to feed a family of six is only $35.00. If you would like to join the effort to provide these families a Thanksgiving meal to cook in the comfort of their own homes, please place your designated donation marked “Breaking Bread” in the offering plate or mail or drop your donation by the church office. Donations of cash or checks are welcomed (no food donations will be accepted). Once all the funds are collected, food will be purchased, bagged, and distributed to the families. If you are interested in helping with this life giving project or for more information, please contact Debora Colvin at 318 348 3075 or email deboramcolvin@yahoo.com.